Wednesday, June 8, 2016

6/08 High winds at dock in Brewerton

Welcome to Brewerton, NY on the Oneida River.  The calendar might say it is after Memorial Day but the weather does not.  Today's winds were in the 20 mph range with gusts much higher.  Everyone was glad we had made it across Oneida Lake yesterday and no boats came across today.  The wind kicked up in the river.   The temperature right now is 52 degrees.  The only wildlife on the river was this family of geese.  I do not think this picture does the white caps on the river justice.
The skies looked foreboding all day.  Periodically, it rained.

We got errands done though.  Denise from the boat Zephyr joined me and we took the courtesy car to the laundromat.  She is from Michigan and it was nice to have someone to converse with as we did the laundry.  Loopers are very open to sharing and getting to know one another.

There is a looper boat docked on the other side of us.  The name is Tasteful Traveler and I really liked the logo they have on the boat. 
John and I did a big shopping at Wegman's.  I bought so many items that were W brand.  John got their barbecue pulled pork for dinner. 

It looks like the winds will not calm down for another day.  We are going to be cautious and not go through the locks with gusts up to 25 mph.  So we will probably spend tomorrow here as well. 

Lat 43 degrees 14.38 North
Long 76 degrees 9.02 West

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