Thursday, June 4, 2015

Vero Beach

We had our first guests aboard!  Andi Backmeyer came aboard first with a gift of iced coffee (a real treat).  She then took us on a tour of Vero.  What a beautiful community.  Small wonder it is called Velcro Beach.  Kathy Nelson, our son-in-law Stephen's sister, joined us at the boat with her three boys.  Ryan was thrilled to be in the captain's chair and was somewhat disappointed that he could not sleep on our boat tonight and skip school tomorrow.  Justin and Michael seemed to enjoy it too.

Ocean Grill right on the was our dinner destination.  The view of the beach was breathtaking, the conversation was lively, and the food was excellent.  As we left, we took pictures on the boardwalk.

Andi, Justin, Ryan, Kathy and Michael

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