Monday, June 15, 2015

Turtles, Alligators, Boat Picture and another Coast Guard Rescue

John took this picture the other night at Hilton Head.  I must admit she looks fine on the dock.  She motors well too.  We don't seem to be tossed to much by other boats' wake.
Hydrophilic at Hilton Head

It was in the high 90's with the heat index over 105 today and should be tomorrow too.  We got an early start this morning and said, "Good morning, Charleston".  The morning haze was still in place as we approached from the south, which is not the iconic pictures of Charleston but beautiful just the same.
Charleston approached from the south

 We rounded the point and were able to see the homes known as The Painted Ladies.  They are so many different colors and this picture does not do it justice.
Painted Ladies

  As we entered the Cooper River, the Ravenel Bridge loomed up the river.
Revenel Bridge over the Cooper River
 Charleston is a busy port and we shared the shipping lane with this container vessel, the Chicago Express.  We gave them a wide berth as they are not able to stop on a dime.

Lastly, we passed Fort Sumter.  Did you know the Abner Doubleday, who invented baseball, served at Fort Sumter?  Some think that he may have worked up the beginnings there.  Inside the inner walls are the shape of a baseball field and the diamond fits right inside that shape.  Baseball field 1.0.

Let's hear it for the Coast Guard again.  Not long after we exited the Cooper River, there was a distress call from a capsized sailboat way off the coast of Charleston.  All 5 people on board were in the water!!   The response was impressive.  A helicopter was scrambled to go out to get them.  A cutter was on the way.  They didn't know their GPS so it took a while and when the Coast Guard knew the GPS, they asked all boats to be on the look out.  The fishing vessel Sea Office was in the  area and were putting all 5 in their boat when the helicopter arrived.  None of the five had any injuries.  Thank heavens.  And a Coast Guard Vessel was going to rendezvous with the Sea Office to take the sailors back to Charleston.  The Sea Office showed great seamenship and compassion.  The Coast Guard was so organized and ready to put down a basket to get anyone.  Kudos.

Wildlife we saw today included; a huge loggerhead turtle and a six foot alligator.  We saw the alligator just south of the Santee River in a tributary called, "Alligator River".  Go figure.

We arrive in Georgetown, SC for the night.  It is a quiet historic town where everyone knows their history.  It is going to be a hot one tomorrow as we head for Myrtle Beach.

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