Saturday, June 6, 2015

NASA, Dolphins and Youth

Another sunny but hot day.  Good news, we communicated with all our daughters today as we would normally on a Saturday. So that is not interrupted when traveling by trawler. 

We went through the section of the ICW with the Merritt Wildlife Preserve and Merritt Island.  Yes, it is true, dolphins do play in your wake.  Today, we saw more dolphins than I have seen in my entire life up until now.

You can see NASA from so far away and yet never really get close.  Christine had arranged for John and I to join her and Anna for the last launch of the space shuttle and it brought back those exciting memories.  I remember seeing the ignition and then feeling it reverberate against my chest.
NASA with a marker in the foreground

Able to see NASA for about 2 hours.
Ponce de Leon Inlet is where we docked for the night.  I feel younger already!!  Here is the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse on our approach.

We stayed at Inlet Harbor Marina, a happening place with an active reataurant and live music.
Capping off the day, we watched the Sunset from the Bridge of our boat.
Good Boat Names we have seen and we are keeping an eye out for others.
Surface Tension
Special Sauce
Miss Bea Haven
Happy Ours

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