Friday, June 5, 2015

Ospreys and Barbecue

Traveling in our trawler gives one a unique view of the world.  When on the flybridge, we are about 14 feet above the water.  Today, we were passing a channel marker with two adult Osprey tending the nest.  As we neared the marker/nest, one of the adults flew away and circled around to distract us.  The other adult spread its wings and flattened its body over the nest.  One would never guess there was a bird in the nest at all.  Fascinating up close encounter with parenting.
Dolphins and sea birds accompanied us to Cocoa, Florida.  As we entered the Marina, the folks on the neighboring boat came to help with lines.  They are Gold Loopers, having completed the great loop. They still take journeys from here.  We have met many other Gold Loopers but these were the first "in the wild".  The name of their boat?  Wild Goose.  
Cocoa was having a Blues and Barbecue festival on their river front plaza.  Just a short walk to all the barbecue trucks and music.  It was hard to choose which truck to eat from but the dockmaster recommended one ice cream store that makes their own ice cream and we shared a chocolate peanut butter cone for dessert.
Dark clouds rolled in and we buttoned up the boat and head to take showers.  All clean we hoped to  make it back to the boat and the thunder, lightening, and rain let loose. Eventually, it slowed and we made way back to the boat.  Below is night falling facing east from the dock with the storm clouds in the foreground. 


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