Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Casting off

After an inauspicious start, when we boarded the boat the head did not work.  We were not ready to undertake this journey with a non-working head.   It was fixed yesterday and we did a sleep aboard last night and headed out this morning.   It was so exciting!!

John skillfully pulled us away from the dock at 9:05.  We navigated the New River out to the
ICW.   There are many bridges and even though we had lowered our radar, we still needed to have many open for us to go underneath.  We took turns at the helm and navigation.   John made lunch and delivered it to me on the helm. 

We are docked for the night at the Palm Harbor Marina.  No fingers, nor limbs, nor the boat was injured in the very first docking.  Success!!!

Ready for a shower and dinner!!

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