Friday, June 12, 2015

Hell's Gate to Hilton Head

At dusk last night, all the egrets took to the trees near the marina.  It was a fabulous sight as their plumage decorated the trees.
Decorated Trees on the Kilkenny River
This morning we were treated to this beautiful sunrise on the Kilkenny River.  What a way to start the day.

I was sad today that to get home for an appointment, we needed to forego a trip up the Savannah River to see my friends there.  So we bypassed Savannah on the ICW and waved fondly.

We did not get to bypass Hell's Gate.  Don't you just love an area with a name like that and all sorts of warnings on the charts?  Hell's Gate is a very narrow and shallow area on the ICW.  Thankfully,  it is not long!  We arrived about 2 hours before low tide.  If we had been much later, we would have been sitting on the bottom.  But we made it safely through.

Our next challenge was Isle of Hope, tightest turn on the Intracoastal.  One of John's students grew up here and said she could not count all the vessels she had seen run aground here.  Luckily, not ours.

Crossed into South Carolina and docked in Hilton Head.  We were greeted by more egrets on the dock.  It had been in the 90's and this marina had a pool.  It felt so cool and I felt my core body temperature drop.  Also did two loads of laundry.  Some mundane tasks must be done.
Greeters at the dock

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