Sunday, June 7, 2015

Longest trip and Manatees

Today was our longest trip about 65 miles.  We saw the most enormous manatee.  It was huge!  Manatees move very slowly and so did this one.  Manatee trivia: They are found in the southeastern United States, mostly in Florida and over to Galveston, TX.  They can be found up to Virginia but seek warmer waters in the winter.  There was a documented sighting in Cape Cod once.

It is hot in Florida, even on our open flybridge.  John and I have to keep reminding ourselves to drink lots of water and we feel better when we do.  Florida trivia:  Florida ranks last in highest elevation among all 50 states.  The highest elevation is 384 feet up in the panhandle.

We arrived in St. Augustine tonight.  We have signed up for sightseeing tomorrow.  Even from the water, the architecture of the city is stunning.

The St. Augustine lighthouse is visible from our boat in the Marina.  The evening has cooled off some and it is just lovely.

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