Monday, June 15, 2015

Reflections on the Waccamaw

Reflections on  the Waccamaw River
Shortly after Georgetown, we headed into a section of the ICW that includes the Waccamaw River.  Although it is tidal, because of the trees and the run off from upstream, this section has "black water".  The reflections in the water are like paintings.
Waccamaw Reflections
The water was so calm and peaceful, we could easily see this alligator moving across the river.  Can you find the alligator too?
Can you see the alligator?
 South Carolina, there are a few remaining swing bridges.   They are slowly being replaced with 65 foot spans that will not require bridge tenders.  We passed through two of them today.  Here is a picture of the Socastee Swing Bridge closed and opening.
Socastee Swing Bridge Closed
Socastee Swing Bridge Opening
We arrived in North Myrtle Beach for the evening.  The turtles were sunning themselves on the shore.

At the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club, we met the nicest group of people from around the world (US and Australia) who shared their experiences with us.  We exchanged our first boat cards with Bud and Elaine aboard Diamond Dust.

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