Saturday, June 13, 2015

85 miles Boo Ya

Today was a long day ending in St. John's Island, SC.   Though one of the highlights was passing Parris Island.   I love it that the water tower proudly proclaims, " We make Marines"
Water tower "We Make Marines"
Parris Island
In the same area, we saw a shrimp boat.  Not surprising in the low country, I know.  But as the boat went by, we saw the name of the boat was Tammy & Tracey.  In middle school, Alicia and Catherine were good friends with another set of twins, Tammy and Tracey Maloney.  How fun to see that and remember all the laughter they shared.
Dolphins were amazing today.  They rode our wake.  Did jumps out of the water and on one particularly quiet area, we saw a couple of dolphin working to move the fish toward the shore for an easy feast.  I had only seen that behavior on TV before and it was fascinating to watch in the wild.
Mayday !!! Mayday!!!   As we neared St. John's Island, we heard a Mayday call on Channel 16.  One boar was calling it in for another that was sinking.  A twenty foot boat with  twelve people on board was sinking on the Stono River.  Someone was trying to tow the boat to the marsh to get everyone safe.  The Coast Guard went out and got all off safely.  Thank heavens!  This was the first time, I heard a full mayday call.  And was so thankful for what the Coast Guard does.

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