Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fernandina and Amelia

Pointed the bow north again.  What a relaxing day.  Very little boat traffic as we went up the ICW.  A large portion of this area is an estuarian reserve.  Cabbage Swamp was one of the areas we traversed.  There were miles of marshes and marine hammocks on either side of the ICW.  Marine hammocks have a variety of vegetation.  Looks closely and you will see palms and hardwood trees side by side.
Marine Hammock

Fernandina Harbor was our destination for tonight.  Below is the unusual structure in the Harbor.  At first, I thought it was a dredger.  It is the Amelia Research Vessel.  They are hoping to bring up some Spanish treasure from a sinking in 1715.  Some recovery was done in this area in the 1960's.  There is newer technology that may help them recover more of the treasure.  Good luck!

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