Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hydrophilic arrives in Wilmington, first 800 miles completed.

The last leg of taking the Hydrophilic to her home port of Wilmington was completed today.  If we think of Fort Lauderdale as the start of the loop, we have completed 800 miles or about 1/8th of the Great Loop.  If we consider Wilmington the start, we are at mile 0.

It was fun to be in home waters.  The view from the Hydrophilic's flybridge is so different from our sailboat's deck.  Oak Island has been in the news for three shark bites in the last week.  Two have made national news.  So this is a picture of Oak Island Light.

Oak Island Light
Southport is one of our favorite towns to visit by boat or by ferry and car. 
While we didn't stop, we waved fondly at the Provision Company as we had just finished lunch.
Southport with Provisions to the right
The Southport waterfront sports a water tower that you can see on TV, if you are a fan of "Under the Dome"
Finally, we pulled into Joyner Marina.  The Hydrophilic does not fit in The Tides marina, so we chose Joyner because is it an easy drive right over Snow's cut.  Snug in her slip, we hooked up to the electricity and put on the air conditioning.  There is a heat wave in the southeast and the temperatures were in the high 90's.  Arriving home by cab, our thermometer read 100.4!!! 
What now?  We have a long list of items that we would like to get ready now to do the loop.  We will probably have another shake down cruise to try some of those changes too.  More to come on Voyages of the Hydrophilic.

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