Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Crossed into Georgia

Headed north again into Georgia.  Some highlights of the day were seeing the Coast Guard "Sea Dog" on patrol, passing by the Kings Bay Navy base, and traversing Jekyll Creek at low tide.

Sea Dog
Kings Bay Navy Base

I now have a whole new meaning for "skinny water".  In Jekyll Creek at low tide, even the markers were not in the water.  Stay in the center of the channel was the only option.
Jekyll Creek

Some things are different on a power boat than a sailboat.  One thing is that we now throw a wake.  Dolphins can play in it.  Today, there was very little other boat traffic and the water was calm so we could get a good visual of our wake.
Our Wake

We docked at Morningstar Marina in St. Simon.  They had a courtesy car that we took to the local Winn  Dixie and added some supplies.  They have a lovely pool and that really cooled us off.  Have we mentioned it is hot in the south and the days are in the 90's.  In the pool, we met Chip, another boater.  He and his wife had grown up in NC and graduated from UNCW. We talked about Wrightsville and Masonboro and a few professors both he and John knew.  Small world.

More Great Boat Names:
Mental Therapy
Knot Tide Down
Offshore Account
Change Order
Now & Zen

Having trouble uploading the pictures tonight.  Will add them tomorrow.

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