Thursday, June 11, 2015

Little Mud River, Thunder and Lightning

At the Morningstar Marina and on Active Captain, we heard all sorts of warnings regarding Little Mud River.  "Don't go through at low tide!"  Well, it was about 45 minutes before low tide when we went through.  Very Slowly.  We saw water depths of 3.3.  Lots of mud on either side!!   Holding our breath, did not make the boat ride higher in the water; but I tried it.

On the northern end of Little Mud River, we motored pleasantly along watching the dark cloud in the distance raining on other people.  We did out best try to outrun the storm, but in St. Catherine's Sound, it caught up to us.  We were not too far from our marina for the night.  But we failed to outrun it.  Lights and spot light on, it was so dark, except for the lightning!  Going very slowly, we did an instrument landing to get us to the dock, the torrent of rain made the shore and other markings just blurs.  The fellow who came out to help tie us up got his raincoat drenched too.  A good first outing for the Henri Lloyd raincoat John got me for Christmas.

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