Thursday, September 8, 2016

9/8 Enjoying another day at Green Turtle Bay

It was forecast to be hot today and it was!!   John got started early to check on the zinc in the generator.  We did a few other chores too.  My package from Amazon came in so I went to pick that up.  It was bulbs for the fluorescent overhead lights that we have almost everywhere in the boat and a new fender holder .  So we got some of those installed.

With the work done,  we headed for the pool.  It was the perfect place to be. 

For dinner, we had made reservations at Patti's 1880 Settlement with our friends on Bee Haven.  Patti's sends a van to pick you up and returns you to the marina when you are done eating.  They are known for their 2 inch pork chop.  I had it and it was delicious, moist and tender all the way through with a light gravy.  Thankfully, they have "to go"  boxes, so I have lunch planned for tomorrow.

As we returned to the marina, the clouds looked ready to let loose.   A good rain will clean the boat tonight.
Tomorrow, we will run one last wash and fill up the water tanks before we head to Nashville on Saturday.

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