Wednesday, September 28, 2016

9/28 To Joe Wheeler State Park, Rogersville, AL

We were up and at 'em early this morning.  Because the Wilson Lock is just 3 miles up a canal from the Florence Marina, the dock master suggested that we call the lock in the morning and stay in our slip until the lock was ready for us.  When we called, the lock master, told us that there was some construction and to plan on coming about 10 am.  So I made muffins and we had a leisurely breakfast.

Shortly, before 9 the dock master in Florence came down to the boat.  The lock master had called him because he had restarted the lock and he has several large tows coming.   The lock master asked him to tell us to get to his lock quickly so he could lock us through before the traffic.  This was VERY nice of him to do.  Both men went above and beyond to make sure that we could lock through conveniently.   The dock master helped us pull in our electrical and cut the lines to get underway.  The lock master had the lock doors open and ready for us to enter when we got there.  The Wilson Lock and Dam is huge.  This is a picture of the lock doors closing behind us. 
These two pictures are looking forward in the lock.  Going up!  

When we got to the top, a tow was coming toward us ready to get in the lock. 

This portion of Tennessee River is called Wilson Lake.  It was very pretty and easy cruising.  The very hot weather is past us and it was in the low 80's and sunny.  Soon we came to Wheeler Lock and Dam.   This lock master took us through a smaller ancillary lock.  When we cleared the lock and called him to let him know we had cleared, he thanked us for coming to his lock.   Alabama might take the award for the nicest lock masters.

Shortly, after that we headed to the marina at Joe Wheeler State Park.  This is where we will be coming back after Chattanooga for the AGLCA Rendezvous.  To get here you take a turn off the Tennessee into a river that curves around into this beautiful marina.  Here are two pictures from the dock next to our boat.

  The state park is extremely large with a large marina, a conference center, a hotel, cabins, tents and camping areas.  Several other loopers are here now too.  We got together in the pool to cool off and have good conversation.

Tomorrow, we are headed to Ditto Landing.  We will stay there a few days to visit Huntsville, AL.  We will get a rental car to see the Marshall Space Flight Center and drive up to Lynchburg, TN to see the Jack Daniels Distillery.

Lat 34 degrees 48.71 North
Long 87 degrees 19.90 West

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