Saturday, September 24, 2016

9/24 Get out your maps

We left Clifton Harbor headed for Grand Harbor in Counce, TN.  We are heading upstream on the Tennessee River which is mostly in a south or east direction.  The fog on the water signaled another hot day coming.  It turned out to be 94 degrees.

There is a lot to see on the river.  Both of these pictures are good examples of the geology of the river. 

John spotted the wildlife first today.  The first thing he saw was these cattle coming into the river. 

Then we passed and saw the entire herd.
John watched this eagle soaring and then he landed near us on the shore. 

This is where you take out a map. We followed the Tennessee to the Pickwick Lock and Dam.  We had to wait about 1 1/2 hours to lock through while they locked through some tows.  On the other side of the lock and dam, the dam creates Pickwick Lake out of the Tennessee.  It is wide and people were taking advantage of the hot fall weather with sailing, jet skiing, riding on pontoon boats, fishing, etc.  

A few miles upstream, you can be on the Tennessee River and see Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi all at the same time.  The Tombigbee Waterway is to the right.  We took that right to stay at the Grand Harbor Marina in Counce, TN.  It is a grand place and we felt very welcome here the minute we docked. 

We will be here for 3 nights.  They gave us the courtesy car to go to church tonight and we went to dinner afterward.  The stars filled the clear night sky.  Tomorrow, we will take the car to the Shiloh Battlefield.   Monday it should cool off finally.  On Tuesday, we will head back on the Tennessee River toward Chattanooga.  Most of the way to Chattanooga. TN we will be in Alabama. 

Grand Harbor Marina
Lat 34 degrees 59.47 North
Long 88 degrees 12.95 West

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