Monday, September 12, 2016

9/12 Birthday on the Cumberland

Fog!! Fog!! Fog!!  We woke to a very heavy fog on the river.  It gave us an opportunity to use the radar.  The radar did a good job of showing us the shoreline.  It took over 1 hour for the sun to burn through the fog.  I thought it never would.  When it did, the view on the river was so beautiful.

As we headed to Nashville, the terrain was stunning.  Sometimes the sides of the river were low with the leaves changing.
Sometimes there were steep rock cliffs.
We saw this home with a unique view of the river. 
Whatever the view,  it was so relaxing!  What a great way to spend my birthday.

Do you wonder where all those barges come from?  We passed a huge metal works where they make the barges.  Here a new one being readied for the rivers.  You can see how they will move it down sideways into the river when they have completed it.

On AIS, we can see tows coming on our charts before we can see them.  We saw one that was named Madeline, the same as one of our granddaughters.
  Not too much later we saw the Madeline.  She was pushing chemical barges.
  Here are several views of Madeline.

Finally, we arrived in Nashville.
We are staying on the town docks, which are just walls on the river, but they do have electricity available.  The docks are just below the Nissan Stadium home of the Tennessee Titans. 
There is a pedestrian bridge that goes across the river to downtown Nashville.  We walked across for dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.  This tow went below us on the river. 

At Joe's they actually carded me when I ordered a drink.  John burst out laughing and said it was my birthday.  So I got the full treatment with singing of happy birthday and a turtle sundae for dessert.

But none of that was better than all the birthday wishes from my family and friends and having dinner with John.

Tomorrow night, we have tickets for the Grand Ole Opry so blogging may be postponed.

Lat 36 degrees 9.73 North
Long 86 degrees 46.28 West

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