Thursday, September 29, 2016

9/29 Fall has come

Finally, fall has come!  The temperature was 51 degrees and it was bright and sunny.  I put on jeans and a sweatshirt for the first time in months.  Although not as bad as our fuzzy bill experience, there were small bugs all over the boat.  They didn't bite but were making a mess.  John made sure the boat got a good wash down before we took off. 

The Tennessee was choppy with a strong breeze though.  As the sun rose, so did the temperature.  Eventually, it was in the 70's and with the sunshine the fly bridge was warm.  I changed into shorts.  We went through Decatur, Alabama.  It is home to much industry including the rocket building for United Launch Alliance.  One company, that was formerly Conagra,  proudly displayed that they make Meow Mix.
  The TVA has a nuclear power plant along the river too.

The Army's Redstone Arsenal lines the river.  There were a couple of signs we might be in an area that was restricted.  1) Helicopters circled over head.  2) Periodically, we heard extremely loud booms, so loud that we could feel the reverberations on the boat.  This is the arsenal's boat dock.

Off in the distance, we could see the foot hills of the Great Smokey Mountains.  What a fabulous site!

We pulled into Ditto Landing Marina in Huntsville, Alabama.  The replicas of the Columbus boats that we saw several weeks ago in Green Turtle Bay are here now.  Tomorrow morning we will get a rental car and go to the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.  On Saturday, we will tour the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Lat 34 degrees 34.57 North
Long 86 degrees 33.58 West

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