Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 Clarksville, TN

What a glorious day on the Cumberland River!  We awoke to smoke on the water.
When the sun shone through on the fog and lit up the shoreline, it was magnificent!
It had cooled off during the night and the humidity was low.  It warmed up to the high 70's and was just a perfect day for cruising.  I could have taken thousands of pictures of how beautiful the sun was on the trees and the water and how peaceful the Cumberland River is. 

We can see the trees starting to turn colors.  As we cruised along, we saw many folks out fishing.  The TVA (Tennessee Valley Association) steam plant smoke stacks were visible from miles away but the plant was tucked behind an island.  It was huge.

The crops were visible on both sides of the river.  Corn fields went on as far as the eye could see.

Clarksville, TN is on a big bend in the river.  It is a nice little city.  They celebrate the waterfront with two waterfront parks.  This park is where they do the concerts on the water.
The second one surrounds the marina, the ball fields, walking paths, and has an event building.

I did some walking after we got settled at the marina and had lunch.  In addition to playgrounds for children, they have this gym equipment set up for all to use.  It is all based on your body weight as resistance.  What a neat idea.
Clarksville pays its respects to two women sports legends, runner Wilma Rudolph and women's basketball coach Pat Summit.  Both were raised in Clarksville. 

While I was walking and taking pictures, our friends on the Lydia E were coming into the Clarksville Harbor.  I got this picture of their boat with the rainbow from the fountain at the entrance to the harbor.

Tomorrow, we cruise one lock and 60 miles to Nashville.

Lat 36 degrees 30.54 North
Long 87 degrees 22.19 West

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