Monday, September 19, 2016

9/19 Green Turtle for diagnosis of the windlass and Raymarine

We got an early start on chores this morning.  By 7:30, we had 3 loads of laundry going.   The windlass repairman showed up first.  His diagnosis was a faulty relay switch.  He could bypass it and it worked just fine.  A new one is on order and should arrive tomorrow.  The Raymarine technician was next.  That took longer and is hopefully related to our chip.  He tried a new chip from another boat and our new chip will be delivered tomorrow.

In the meantime, we got some cleaning done, straightened out and organized some areas of the boat.  We had mail and packages delivered here to Green Turtle Bay.  We went through the mail and took action on the items that needed it.  We filed away the zincs that arrived for the generator in the generator box.  The new strainer for the pump for the air conditioner was the wrong size.  Tomorrow I will ship it back.   We figured out the one we need.  Now we just need to figure out where we will be to have it shipped to us.  We have got to keep moving.  

We took the courtesy car, a Jeep with over 286,800 miles on it, to the Benton, KY Walmart.  Courtesy cars are always fun to drive.  They often feel like the wheels could fall off like in a cartoon.  Sam Walton said if you can't find it at Walmart you don't need it.  I guess we are all set.

Loopers are coming and going out of Green Turtle Bay in droves.  Several left out today but were replaced by others either coming to Lake Barkley for the first time or coming back from Nashville.  The docks are filled with chatter.  We saw some folks we had not seen since we were on the Erie Canal. 

So if everything goes well tomorrow, we will head down the Tennessee River the day after. 

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