Wednesday, September 7, 2016

9/7 A day at Lake Barkley

It was another beautiful but hot day in Kentucky.  We started the day by launching the dinghy to explore the area.  Lake Barkley  and Kentucky Lake are formed by the dams on the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers.  They create a strip of land between them known as The Land Between the Lakes. 

Even though we had gone through the Lake Barkley Lock in our boat to get here, it looks so much more mammoth from the dinghy.  On the right is the fixed dam, on the left are the variable dams that they can open or close to control the water.  Between those two dams are the locks. 

We headed down to the canal between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake.  Here is a nest on the marker on the Kentucky Lake side of the canal.
We explored some parks on the water.  Most of the land is not populated, but we did see this home with its own lighthouse.

Heading back to the marina, we had a good view of the Green Turtle Bay Beach.  In both these pictures you can see the leaves starting to get ready for fall.

We dinghied to the Pinta  and the Nina for a view from the water.


After a dip in the pool,  I hit the spa for a mani/pedi and to get my hair done.  John got some peace and quiet.

We had dinner at the Commonwealth Yacht Club, which is onsite.  This area is a dry county.  They go through a lot of work to get around the law.  Members of the yacht club each have a locker where they keep their alcohol.  The wait staff  provide the set ups for the guests. 

Loopers are going in and out of the marina.  Our friends on Su Sueno left yesterday and our friends on Jill Kristy arrived tonight. 

Tomorrow night, we have dinner reservations at Patti's Settlement, a well known destination in the area.  They are known for a special 2 inch pork chop.  I think I will give it a try.

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