Sunday, September 18, 2016

9/17 and 9/18 down the Cumberland River

9/17  We sang good bye to Nashville and headed back down the Cumberland River.  We really enjoyed our time in Music City.  The day was pretty rainy, so we ran from the lower helm and stayed pretty dry.  Of course, it did rain while we went through the one lock we had to go through.  The lock master turned the lock around for us with only about a 20 minute wait.

We arrived back at Clarksville.  It is so nice to pull into a harbor and hear hellos called out by friends.  Bill and Mary Lou from Ocean Commotion were there heading to Nashville.  Rod and Susie from Bee Haven are in the process of heading back to Green Turtle like we are.  The six of us went out to dinner.  It is so nice to be with good people with good conversation about books and boats and lots of good laughter.  These are the nicest things about the loop.

9/18 We got up early to try to make Green Turtle before dark.  We got some boost from the current going down stream with us.  The day was in the 80's but overcast which kept it from being blazing hot.

 The Mississippi River Boat that we saw in Nashville had passed us in the night.  Their next port of call was Clarksville and they were docked at the big dock uptown for the day.
The trip back was just as scenic as the way up.  We really enjoyed the views. 
We are in Green Turtle Bay to have the windlass looked at.  John is the windlass when it is broken and our anchor is 50 pounds with 50 feet of chain.  That is hard work.  While that is being fixed I should get some time to do laundry and other boat chores too.

When the windlass is fixed, we will go through the canal from the Cumberland to Tennessee River that is just around the corner from here.  We will head to Chattanooga.

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