Sunday, August 28, 2016

8/28 To the Confluence of the Illinois and the Mississippi

We slept soundly at anchor last night.  Our Rocna anchor is a wonderful sleeping aid.  We awoke early, raised the anchor, and headed toward the Mississippi.   This railroad bridge went up for us.  It was so calm that early in the morning, that the reflection of the bridge was clear in the water. 

It was a VERY hot day and we worked to keep our fluid intake up.  Thankfully, we can get some shade on the flybridge.

Today, we noticed how the area surrounding the river has been affected by floods.  We saw where this house used to be.
  This house was obviously rebuilt where another had been. 
These houses were built on stilts.

The limestone hills were created during the glacial ages.  Fossilized sea life can be found in the rock.  It is so pretty as we floated by.

People use the rivers similarly to how we use the Intracoastal Waterway and the bays on the east coast.  There were several car ferries going back and forth across the river today.  They are called ferries but they look more like barges and have a tow that pushes them back and forth.
We arrived at Grafton, Illinois.  Grafton is at Mile Marker 0 of the Illinois River.  We are staying at Grafton Harbor Marina.  From the back of our boat we can see the confluence of the Mississippi.  That is the Mississippi on the other side of the boats that have pulled up on the shallows. 
This is a terrific marina.  The people here are so nice.  The restaurant was having Poor Boy specials and I had a fried oyster and bacon one and John had a Thanksgiving one with turkey and stuffing.  We met other boaters cooling off in the pool.   We enjoyed telling them about the loop.

Tomorrow, we are getting an oil change for the boat and will take the courtesy car to get a few grocery staples.  Tuesday we head into the Mississippi.

Lat 38 degrees 58.09 North
Long 90 degrees 26.30 West

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