Friday, August 19, 2016

8/19 A day at the Museums

After buying a City Pass online last night, we headed out this morning to enjoy some of the museums and sights of Chicago.  Uber worked well and we were at the Adler Planetarium in no time.

We started our tour with a movie, "Planet Nine".  Because the ninth planet was Pluto when John and I learned planets, it was interesting to learn more about the Kuiper Belt.  Is there an as yet unknown planet out there?  At the Apollo exhibit, we got this picture of John planting the USA flag on the moon. 
We saw moon rock and meteorites, and learned lots about the solar system and beyond.  We ended our tour there with a movie on the Cosmos.  Science has certainly made a few discoveries during my lifetime.

We ate our lunch looking over Lake Michigan.  The jets were practicing for this weekend's airshow.  Wow, they were great.  It might get rained out tomorrow but we will be here Sunday, too.

After lunch, we headed over to the Field Museum.  We passed Soldiers Field on the way. 
The Field Museum is the home of Sue.  Sue is a T-Rex skeleton.  It was discovered by a woman named Sue.  It is the most complete and largest skeleton of a T-Rex known.  Sue hovers over you and I got a sense of how early man would have felt-absolutely scared.
Many of the exhibits were taxidermy of all sorts of animals and birds from around the world.  This exhibit of two elephants has been on display since the 1893 Chicago World Fair.  I hate that these animals had died but they were from the late 1800's and early 1900's so I am glad that they are displayed for our education. 
The was an exhibit of North American Native peoples.  These totems were from the Pacific Northwest and had also been brought to Chicago for the Worlds Fair.
I also enjoyed an exhibit where they are currently testing the DNA of sharks.  We ended our visit with a 3D movie on all we have learned from the Galapagos Islands. 

What a truly informative day!

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