Saturday, August 6, 2016

8/06 Change of plans

We got up early as planned to head to White Lake.  The winds were supposed to increase in the afternoon.  When we got up, the winds were already increasing.  Another boat was planning the same route and left the marina just ahead of us.  As we headed out past the break wall, we saw that they were turning around and coming back into Ludington.  They called us on the radio and said it was too rolly to be out.  It wasn't so comfortable.  After about 14 nautical miles, we were beside Pentwater Harbor.  We decided not to continue in the rolling waves for another 34 miles and went to Pentwater, Michigan. 

Pentwater is a small town.  The youth sailing was having races in the harbor which were fun to watch.  We met another looper boat that we had not seen previously.  As we walked around town, we saw this peaceful area.
Coming back from church, we saw this street sign actually in use on the streets of Pentwater.  Make way for ducklings. 
So, we decided to skip White Lake.  Tomorrow, the winds should be down and we will head to Grand Haven.  Hoping for better luck tomorrow.

Lat 43 degrees 46.61 North
Long 86 degrees 26.01 West

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