Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8/16 Michigan City, Indiana

It rained hard all night long but the day started with promise with some blue skies visible.  It still rained some but by noon was bright and sunny.  We met some other loopers on Evening Star for the first time.  There is a full outlet mall less than a mile from the marina.  Of course, I had to shop.  John was patient as we crisscrossed the mall to visit all the right stores.

On the way to the mall, the Amtrak train passed right in front of us.

This piece of sculpture was on the lawn of the art museum.
On the way back to the boat, I got this picture of the lighthouse that was built in 1858. 
Its first and longest light keeper was a woman who retired when she was 89.  Michigan City has maintained the light house with history of the area as well as light house history. Outside the light house was this fountain.  The sign tells us it was designated for Man, Beast and Bird.
The Washington Park Marina Area was an amusement park until the 1970's.  The beach is beautiful and the current lighthouse with its catwalk shows really interesting angles.  I got a nice swim in Lake Michigan.  The water is refreshing without being too cold.

There is an area under the trees where all the benches are made from stone of the local area.  I tried out this bench and it was very comfortable. 
There is a memorial to those who fought in the Civil War.
Down by the marina, there is a memorial to a Marine who died in Vietnam and to all the POW MIA.

Near where the Northern Indiana Light and Power stands was once a huge dune that was mined for making Ball Jars among other glass items.  The dune was completely flattened.

Looks like the winds are good for us to go to Chicago tomorrow. 

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