Monday, August 1, 2016

8/01 A Beach Day in Frankfort

It was a beautiful day in Frankfort!  The sun was shining, with little humidity.  Our mail arrived and after dealing with it, we walked up to the Post Office.  On the way, we saw this life sized Detroit Red Wing Lego.   

After lunch, John took a dip in the pool.  Later, I walked around town some more.  Just down the harbor from our marina, there is a marine contractor and this is their boat.  It is so pretty for a hard working boat.

The beach was calling my name.  So back to the beach I went.  The Harbor looked so pretty in the sunshine.
I walked all the way out to the lighthouse.
The jetty was filled with teenagers jumping off the side and families walking out to the lighthouse. 
Looking north from the jetty, the dunes were so impressive.

The water did not seem so cold today.  I got a good swim in the lake.
Tomorrow, we head to Manistee, Michigan.  We should have a good cruising day.

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