Thursday, August 25, 2016

8/25 Deer on the way to Peoria Heights, Illinois

We got an early start this morning as we would be doing 74 miles today.  The Asian Carp were jumping as we left the marina.  They are huge and make a loud splash when they hit the water.  As we headed south on the Illinois River, we saw deer on the bank of the river drinking water.
We passed an area known as Starved Rock.  The rock was much higher than the area around it. 

 The trees are starting to have a yellow tinge of fall.
Then we went through our only lock today,  the Starved Rock Lock, with another looper boat, Nantucket Sleighride.  The town of Lacon had interesting sculptures made of girders.

Then a huge flock of birds flew overhead. 
At the town of Chillicothe, the town was marked by lighted small lighthouse looking structures.

Sometimes you can feel as if you have the river to yourselves. Sometimes, it feels like you are walking on a crowded sidewalk.  When it does, the tows are coming and going, parking barges to the left and the right.  All of the tow captains seem very nice.  John contacted one that was pushing 15 barges to ask when to pass him.  He was so nice, asking us to just wait until he passed a certain marker then he would give us space to pass on his left.  There is a whole lingo associated with the rivers.  Because rivers are running downstream, the banks are either the Right Descending Bank or the Left Descending Bank.  That is true even if you are going upstream.  The tow captains also use the expressions, one whistle or two whistles to describe how one passes another vessel.  If a tow coming at you says, "I will see you on the one.", you will pass each other port to port.  This is a whole new nomenclature for me.

Tomorrow, will be not so long as we will go less than 50 miles.  Right now we are 167 miles from the Mississippi River and we are almost as far west as we will be going.  These ducks welcomed us to the Illinois Valley Yacht Club tonight.

Lat 40 degrees 44.94 North
Long 89 degrees 33.40 West

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