Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8/09 A day in Grand Haven

We had a nice day wandering around Grand Haven.  We walked up the main shopping area on Washington St.  I bought a new pair of Sperry's.  There are two related museum sites in town and both are free.  One is on the waterfront and was a train depot for the commercial trains.  We explored both museums before lunch.

This afternoon, I had a hair appointment.  The salon was on Washington St. in easy walking distance.  The salon and spa was very nicely appointed.  When my hair was setting, I opted to sit in the covered garden area.   I sat in a rocker and read.  I could have fallen asleep.  The stylist did a great job!

John and I got take out pizza and brought it back to the boat for dinner. 

Tonight, we will watch the Musical Fountain again.  We enjoyed the show last night too.  They vary the music and the show.

Tomorrow, we head to Holland, Michigan.  I look forward to seeing Windmill Park, the dikes, and the Dutch culture in Holland.

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