Monday, August 8, 2016

8/08 Musical Fountain and Grand Haven

Last night, we were perfectly positioned for Grand Haven's Musical Fountain.  Beginning in 1986, Grand Haven has this musical fountain every night during the summer.  The fountain is across the harbor so anyone on the Grand Haven Boardwalk can see it.  What a show!!  The water is synchronized with the music and they played music of various styles.  The colors were fantastic.  The show lasts about 20 minutes and we had front row seats on the stern of the fly bridge.

Today, we took the Historic Trolley Ride to get the lay of the land.  The cost was 75 cents each.  It was a nice little tour.  After the tour, we went with one of the other looper couples to lunch.  After lunch, I walked up and down the boardwalk looking at the history plaques, checking out the sculptures and the light house, and capturing Pokémon.  It was in the 80's and I got a nice swim in Lake Michigan.

Grand Haven used to be a big railroad stop where they would bring in coal by rail cars.  The coal would drop to out the bottom of the coal railcars and be elevated and put in the ships.  Most of the ships were coal powered. 
Next to the building is an old locomotive with a short train.

Along the waterfront, there are several sculptures.  One brass sculpture made in a local brass works is a sundial that keeps perfect time.
  One honors the Boy Scouts. 
There is a sculpture that moves in the wind.
Another is a sculpture of sailboats.
  Fish and birds are depicted in two other sculptures. 

The Coast Guard has its station along here too.  The city of Grand Haven has been celebrating Coast Guard week since 1930.  This commemorates the Coast Guard boats that have been stationed here over the years.

In the what to do in Grand Haven reading, we heard about Pronto Pup.  For over 60 years, the Pronto Pup stand has been in the same spot along the water front.
  It is kind of like a corn dog and is deep fried, but the crust is not so thick.  They put on yellow mustard and/or ketchup for you.  So I sampled that Grand Haven tradition.

Then I headed to the light and light house.  On the south pier Grand Haven has both a light and light house.  The light used to be on the north pier but it was so heavy it was sinking the pier.
  They put a smaller light on the north pier and moved the other to the south pier and painted it red. 
Grand Haven is one of the piers that has the catwalk for the keepers to walk out on when the ice and snow were too high on the pier.  I just can't imagine walking across the catwalk if the weather is that bad.

Before heading back to the boat, I took a swim in Lake Michigan.  It was so refreshing.  I didn't need the towel I brought with me.  It was so pleasant just drying off as I walked back to the boat.

Tonight, we will watch the Musical Fountain again.  Tomorrow, we will spend another day here in Grand Haven.  I have an appointment to get my hair done and I want to go to the history museum.

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