Sunday, January 8, 2017

1/8 Coldest Days on the Loop

The rain had stopped.  The skies were totally clear and sunny.  And it was COLD here in Beaufort, SC. 
Fortunately, the heater on the boat works well.  The heater ran all night and day.  The R value of our windows must be close to zero.  We took the courtesy car to church in the morning.  We were thankful that we didn't have to walk.  The wind speed was still in the high teens and found every crevice.

After lunch, I took a walk in the sun up to Publix.  I was bundled up though.  Beaufort is very hospitable.  Tomorrow morning, we will take off early to head north.  Tomorrow's forecast is sunny but very cold the winds are supposed to be less intense.  We really like running from the fly bridge, so tonight we got out our small heater so it is ready for the morning.  It is forecasted to get down to 21 degrees tonight and tomorrow is supposed to have a high of 45.  Hopefully, the day after tomorrow will warm up.

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