Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1/10 Warmed up but...

Sunday was just plain cold.  Monday morning was even colder.  BUT... the boat would not start.  Neither would the generator.  We figured it had to be cold fuel.  So we put our heater in the engine room and turned up the heat in the cabin and opened the hatch.  It warmed up but the engine still didn't start. 

This morning, Jason from the marina came to look at it.  Well, it was not the cold.  As it turns out, the fire suppression system had a short in it and was shutting off the fuel.  So now, we can run the engine and the generator.  Yeah!!  We decided to spend another day here in Beaufort, so we would not go through the Ashepoo Coosaw area at low tide.

Beaufort has been very nice.  Mary, one of the dock masters, drove me over to down town Beaufort.  What a pleasant way to spend a few hours.  I explored unique shops, had a spumoni gelato and walked the waterfront.  On the waterfront, I saw this otter who was bringing his oyster dinner to shore. 
I walked back over the bridge to Lady's Island.  The day had warmed up and the view on the Beaufort River was lovely.
 Along the shore, there were many boats that had been tossed ashore during Hurricane Matthew.

Tonight walking back from dinner, the full moon peeked through the trees.

We loved it here in Beaufort.  We will definitely stop here again going up and down the ICW.  Tomorrow, we head north again. 

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