Saturday, January 14, 2017

1/14 We cross the North Carolina Border

We took a right turn out of Osprey Marina and headed for the North Carolina border.  It was low tide on the Waccamaw River and the exposed tree roots were visible coming out of the shiny black water.
Another new 64 foot bridge is going up to help with the traffic over the waterway.  Even on a Saturday, the workmen were busy high atop the span.
Next, we came to the Socastee Swing Bridge.  Most of these old swing bridges are being replaced.  They are beautiful, iconic pieces of Americana though.  I particularly like this bridge.  First of all, you must hail the bridge tender by calling on channel 09, "Socastee Swing Bridge, Socastee Swing Bridge, Socastee Swing Bridge..."  Well just try saying that three time fast!  But this bridge is particularly pretty.  As the pictures progress, you will see the span swing open and how it looked as we passed through.

Heading north, we passed through Myrtle Beach.  One can tell when you are at Myrtle Beach because there are golf courses along the waterway on one side and T-shirt shops and attractions like go carts and mini golf on the other side. I enjoyed passing this business that has a huge whale and many buoys on shore for sale.

The only hard part of cruising today is going through an area known as the "Rock Pile".  The Rock Pile is a narrow area of the Intracoastal that was created by breaking through rock.  The sides of the channel are lined with rocks that remind you to stay well within the channel.  After being in Canada, one might think that we got more comfortable cruising above rocks  We haven't.

Eventually, we cruised past Little River, South Carolina and crossed the border into North Carolina.  We are almost home.  We have stopped at Ocean Isle Marina for the night.  It is a chillier day and the high is only 59 degrees but at least it is bright and sunny.

Lat 33 degrees 53.40 North
Long 78 degrees 28.35 West

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