Wednesday, January 4, 2017

1/4 to Thunderbolt, GA

As John pulled the anchor at Walburg Creek, the dolphins came back to the boat to say good-bye.  We were cruising on a rising tide through the many rivers of Georgia that make up the Intracoastal there.  The currents go back and forth between being with us, so we sog (our speed over ground) at 8.4 or against us, so we sog at 6.6.    We safely cruised through Hell's Gate.  Yes, on all the charts, the area is called Hell's Gate.  We saw at least 9 feet as we passed through the Gate.   The rivers offer so many switchbacks that you can see across the marshes to where you were a half hour ago. 

Most of the day, we were in suburban Savannah.  We docked for the night at Thunderbolt Marine, in the town of Thunderbolt, GA.  This marina services some huge mega yachts.  The dock master told many of them will be in the Mediterranean or the Islands shortly. 

I walked the town of 2600 people in the afternoon.  This sculpture fountain was turned off for the winter but I loved the boys carrying their boat.
The town hall was decorated for the holidays.

Tomorrow, we continue north to Ladies Creek, which is at Beaufort, SC.  We plan to stay there to wait out some forecasted rain and sleet on Saturday.

Lat 32 degrees 1.50 North
Long 81degrees 2.83 West

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