Monday, January 2, 2017

1/2 to St. Simons, Georgia

We awoke to a sunny, pleasant day.  We continued to head north from Fernandina.  This is a sad picture of some of the boats that have been pulled out of the water after the hurricane. 

When we came through this area a year and half ago, we were working against the tides.  This year, we are moving with the tides.  In Georgia, this is particularly good to do as the tides can vary by 9-10 feet and there are many shallow areas.  

Shortly after entering Georgia, one passes the Kings Bay Naval Base.  This is home to submarines.   I was disappointed that no submarines were at dock and we did not get an escort past them.  At mile 700, we went past the western most point of the AICW.

The rest of the day was filled with dolphins and sunshine.  Morningstar Marina at Golden Isle on St. Simons Island was our goal for the day.  We docked early, got some fuel, and some rest. 

For dinner, we went to their local restaurant which was excellent.   I had homemade cinnamon and chocolate ice cream for dessert.  Yum. 

Tomorrow, we will go about 50 miles to Walberg Creek to anchor for the night.  We will start out early in the morning to move with the rising tide through some areas notorious for shallow water like one area called Mud Creek.

Lat 31 degrees 9.99 North
Long 81 degrees 24.88 West

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