Friday, January 13, 2017

1/13 North to the Waccamaw River

What a beautiful morning!!!  The full moon was reflected in the waters of Jeremy Creek by the shrimp boats.  I took these pictures about 10 minutes apart.

We crossed the North and South Santee Rivers.  The dolphins were very numerous.  The reflections in the water of the marshes were so peaceful. 
We passed Minim Creek where we have anchored in the past.  This fire lookout stands at the entrance to Minim Creek. 

After Minim, we entered Winyah Bay that leads from the ocean to Georgetown, SC.  Crossing the bay, we saw this eagle on a green marker.  The eagle did not seem too concerned as our boat passed fairly close.  Because we were on the fly bridge, we were right at eye level.

Next, we cruised into the Waccamaw River.  I love the Waccamaw.  The river has deep dark water from all the tannins from the leaves.  Along the way, we saw this large steel sailboat at anchor.  The name of the boat is Steel Away. 

Osprey Marina was our planned stop for the night.  The fuel here is well priced so we filled up.  We have stopped here in the past.  The reason I wanted to stop here again is because they give you a bag of goodies.  Their goodie bag includes the best red pepper jelly you have ever had.  In addition to the jar that came in the goodie bag, I bought two more jars.  We met a nice couple from Charleston who have just started cruising.  It was so nice to talk with them.

Tomorrow, we will cross into North Carolina. 

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