Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1/3 Through Little Mud River to Walburg Creek

Morningstar Marina started our day off delivering a newspaper and muffins to the boat.  It made me want to spend another day.  The rain started just as we left the dock.  It was a good thing we got an early start because a navigational error had us taking a trip up the Brunswick River before we turned back and got on the Intracoastal.  We were still on the early side of the rising tide though.  The rains came and went all day.  The skies were very threatening at times.
  This area is full of twists and turns and low water, but the marshes are beautiful.
We had plenty of water going through Little Mud River, but we were glad we were on a rising tide.  For the night, we anchored in Walburg Creek.  It is a really nice anchorage.  It is wide, peaceful, and has good holding.  The dolphins came right up to our boat to say hello.
 After the rainy day, the sunset was spectacular.

Tomorrow, we head through an area known as Hell's Gate.  We plan to go through there on a rising tide, too. 

Lat 31 degrees 40.00 North
Long 81 degrees 9.78 West

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