Friday, November 4, 2016

11/3 -11/4 The Wharf Orange, AL to Pensacola, FL

11/3 We spent a quiet day at The Wharf.
They have a Ferris Wheel which was out of order that day.  I was disappointed. 
 I wandered the shops and made an appointment to get my nails done.  It was a pleasant day.  It only 11/3 but they were putting together Christmas Trees and other Christmas displays. 

A song writers music festival was going on.  The singers were the song writers themselves.  So you might know the song but sung by a different artist.  We made dinner reservations at one of the venues.  The music was very good and we had a very nice time. 

John order a Bushwacker for dessert.  Bushwackers are alcoholic drinks made with ice cream and Baileys and other liquors.  John has found one of his favorite desserts.

In the morning, we waved good-bye to The Wharf and headed east to the Alabama Florida Line. 
What a beautiful day!  The sun was warm the smell of the ocean was great.  We stopped at Redfish Point and dropped the anchor. 
This is a barrier island.  We swam ashore in warm water and did a short walk over the island to the Gulf of Mexico.
It was so much fun to put my feet in the Gulf. 
We saw ghost crabs and the foot prints of very large cranes or pterodactyls. 

The beach was empty and gorgeous with powdery white sand.
We swam back to the boat and John took the opportunity to scrub the waterline of the boat.  As we started to pull our anchor, we were surrounded by dolphins.  What a day.  I am so glad we went swimming. 

I had never been to Pensacola but John has.  As we cruised toward Pensacola, we saw many planes and helicopters doing maneuvers from the Pensacola Naval Air Station.
The Pensacola Light was in the distance.
The Pensacola channel was stunning with the sun shining on the white sands. 

We pulled into Palafox Marina.  It is at the foot of Palafox Street in downtown Pensacola.  The end of the street is Luna Park after the Spanish explorer you claimed this land for Spain in the 1500's.
I walked up town.  It was fun to see all the decorated pelicans.

I saw these butterflies fluttering by flowers at the marina. 

For dinner, we went to Shux.  I managed to finish another dozen oysters done 4 different ways and they were all delicious!  For dessert, we went for ice cream at Bubba's.  Yum.  It was a lovely clear night as we strolled back to the marina.

Tomorrow, we are planning to go to the Naval Air Museum at the Pensacola Naval Station. 

Lat 30 degrees 24.12 North
Long 87 12.86 West

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