Wednesday, November 16, 2016

11/14 to 11/16 Tarpon Springs to St. Petersburg Dolphins and Manatees

On Monday 11/14, we left Tarpon Springs behind and headed to St. Petersburg.  It was low tide as we left the Anclote River.  The low tide was a low-low tide because of the Supermoon.  Look at this marker.  You can tell how extra low the tide is and that the wooden pole is going to break some day soon. 
The islands just off the coast looked so pretty in the morning light.

As we cruised along dolphins swam around us.  Some pods played in our wake.  I got some on video but need to crop the video first.  It was very cool.   This area has many mangroves protecting the islands and coast.   Mangroves provide habitat for fish and crab.
 It was so different from a few weeks ago when we were on the rivers and only saw Bobby's Fish Camp.  This home was impressive.

We arrived in St. Petersburg for a few days of rest.  We are staying at Loggerhead Marina. 
We did 8 loads of laundry.  I got a hair appointment and ubered to get my hair done.  The stylist did a great job.  John figured out where else we will be staying until we cross the Okeechobee Waterway.  We bought tickets to fly to Houston and DC for Christmas.  We thought that would be enough but because of damages to the marinas on the east coast John had to call many marinas to find a place to leave the Hydrophilic for Christmas.  We will be flying out of Jacksonville, FL but will leave the boat in Jekyll Island, GA.

Today, I got up close with manatees in a basin in the marina.  It was such fun to watch these gentle giants.  How much fun is that?

Tomorrow, head to Anna Maria Sound.  It is about 50 miles from here and takes us through some of Tampa Bay.

Lat 27 degrees 42.84 North
Long 82 degrees 40.71 West

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  1. come on up threw and explore the bay. down town tampa is nice. two popular islands the locals hang out on the weekends. peaceful place to pick up sharks teeth during the week.Little Harbor is where I keep SuzyQ. She is at home in the front yard right now. Good people at Little Harbor Marina