Tuesday, November 8, 2016

11/08 to Apalachicola, FL

This morning, I got this picture of a house boat in the marina we stayed in last night. 
The day was cooler and overcast to cloudy.  The cruising was wonderful though.  We like to run from the fly bridge.  The fly bridge has a little bit of a green house effect.  It is warm but you can still see everything from up high. 

First, we went through East Bay.  The trees in the distance with the light shining through them were so pretty.

Then, we entered Wetappo Creek.  Most of the Creek was swamp on the sides.  It reminded me of going through the swamps in South Carolina.  The water seemed to end in trees at each turn.
John took this picture of our chart plotter showing the Impenetrable Swamp.
Look at these pictures and think about trying to get very deep in these swamps.

There was evidence along the creek of damages from past hurricanes.  This was just one boat we saw that was in bad shape.

We caught up with and passed our friends, Tom and Carolynn on Su Sueno.  We had a good chat about the weather for the crossing of the Gulf.

Eventually, we entered the Apalachicola River.  We planned our stop here for the night.  On our walk to dinner, we passed this mansion on the grounds of the botanical gardens. 
This area is known for its oysters.  So to do my part, I had oysters again for dinner tonight.  These raw oysters were garnished with sour cream and caviar.  They were called Moscow Oysters.  I thought a Moscow Mule would be the perfect accompaniment.

Tomorrow, we head to Carrabelle to stage for the crossing to Tarpon Springs.

Lat 29 degrees 43.96 North
Long 84 degrees 59.38 West

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