Thursday, November 10, 2016

11/10 It's a go

We will be heading across the Gulf of Mexico tonight!   Eddy of Eddy's Weather Wag says go and even he and his wife are crossing.  We have a buddy boat Ted of My Bluegill Heaven is crossing with us.  He is single handing.  We will contact each other every hour.  We have filed our float plan with my sister and each of our daughters has a copy.

It is a beautiful morning.  The marina offered a free breakfast.  It was nice to have sausages and eggs for breakfast.   We filled up the boat with water.  We have provisions.  I got those coconut patties that you see everywhere in Florida for a snack while crossing during the night.  We pumped up the dinghy.  I cleaned the windows but they say it is so dark it doesn't matter.  John checked on the radios and the waypoints on chart plotter.  I think that might be all we need as I have been channeling my inner Gilligan's Island crew to see what they brought.

John is taking a siesta to get ready and I will shortly too.  This egret is spending the day with us.

I ran an errand up to the post office here in Carrabelle.  What a cute little town.  They have the world smallest police station.  It is an old phone booth.  Back in the day when it acted like a phone booth, the police would park the car by the phone booth and could answer it if there was a problem.  After it was no longer used by the phone company, the police took it over.

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day.  Carrabelle has this lovely traffic island dedicated to Veterans.
Wish us well.  See you on the other side of the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow.

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