Saturday, November 12, 2016

11/12 Down day in Tarpon Springs

We awoke this morning not quite ready to take on the world yet.  Herb Seaton was meeting his family for breakfast at the marina.  They had done a go fast crossing yesterday on Riverdance.  They invited us to join them for breakfast.  We had a really nice time talking about parts of the loop we have done and giving recommendations on marinas on the Hudson and in Chicago.  My breakfast was terrific.  It was crab eggs benedict. 

Neither of us felt like doing much so we took it easy.  After lunch, John took a nap and I took a walk.  We ubered to church.  The church was close to West Marine.  We walked over there to get some boat cleaning supplies.  John got dinner at a Chinese restaurant before we ubered back to the marina.  Uber has been really good for us on the loop. 

Tomorrow, we are going to the Sponge Docks, the fish festival, and out to eat Greek food. 

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