Friday, November 18, 2016

11/17-18 from Loggerhead to Venice Beach to Captiva Island

We headed out from Loggerhead early in the morning heading for Venice Beach.  The river that led to Loggerhead Marina was so calm and peaceful as we left.
We experienced different types of waters.  We entered Tampa Bay which was very wide.  There were boats coming and going from St. Pete.  We crossed under the Sunshine Highway Bridge twice.  Once at the beginning of the day to get into the north of Tampa Bay and again after going south to get back on the Intracoastal.  The structure looked so geometric going under it. 
This Pacific ocean going vessel was headed out to sea.  These vessels are so huge a camera lens does not do them justice.

Dolphins were everywhere.  I got several videos but they were too large to email or post on Facebook.  Many times the dolphins were jumping, slapping their tails on the water, and swimming along the side of our boat in our wake.

We passed this stunning home.  We both loved the architecture.  We could live there.

As we went along some parts of the Intracoastal were more unpopulated than others.
With our radar mast down, we can get under most bridges. But we came up to one bridge that was being worked on and would not open until 4 pm.  It was just after 1.  So we pulled off the GIWW and found a dock where we tied up for a while.  John took a nap and I read a book while overlooking a mangrove.  What a great way to spend a few hours. 

We arrived at the Crow's Nest at Venice Beach.  It was lovely area.  We were surprised when we saw a boat on our dock named Our Time from Wilmington, NC.  We knew that boat.  We had even put a bid on it that did not go through.  The current owners are two women who are very happy with it.  We shared our boat card and wished them well.   We enjoyed our dinner at the Crow's Nest Restaurant which caters to Venice Beach as well as the marina.

Today, 11/18 we left the Crow's Nest and continued further south on the GIWW.  Again, we saw so many dolphins as we crossed Sarasota Bay and Gasparilla Bay.
It was low tide and these waters are not deep to begin with.  In many places, we saw birds walking on land spits in the water.

As we passed a more narrow area, on Channel 16 the Hydrophilic was hailed.  We answered back.  It was George and Caroline on Lydia!!  We first met them in Canada and had hopscotched with them down the coast of Michigan and through the rivers.  They are going to spend the winter in FL but we reminded them to call us when they pass through NC next spring or summer.  It was great to catch up with them.

We arrived at Tween Waters Marina on Captiva Island.  It is located between the GIWW and the Gulf of Mexico.  The pool was calling our names, so we headed to the pool.  For dinner, we went to the more casual restaurant.  I joined the crowd that stepped outside to watch the sunset.  It was so breathtaking.  It was a terrific way to end the day.

Tomorrow, I am going to cross the road to the beach and frolic in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lat 26 degrees 30.57 North
Long 82 degrees 11.28 West

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