Tuesday, November 1, 2016

11/1 Oysters and Boat Chores in Mobile.

We had planned to get some work done here in Mobile.  The weather is warm here but there is a steady and pleasant breeze off the bay.

The work included; 1) repairing the blown out zipper on the front fly bridge panel 2) getting an oil change and checking the zincs 3) fixing the Raymarine that has starting acting possessed.  The canvas lady did a great job with new Strataglass on the front panel.  The oil change did not take very long and the zincs looked just fine.  Most of the Raymarine demons have been exorcised but our way points are gone, so they are looking in to that.

That has given me plenty of time to clean the boat.  We went from stem to stern today on the outside.  Now that we are out of fresh water, there will be less spiders.  That is so good because before this trip, I did not know that spiders poop, a lot.  Spiders leave black marks that must be dissolved before they will come off.  UGH.  Anchoring in the mud of the rivers was fun but the mud from the bow and stern anchors was everywhere.  When we docked at marinas the electrical cord left black smudges on the edges of the boat.  Lastly, there was just general dirt and grime from the air.  It took hours.  The boat looks so much better, though.  I told John that the marina could charge us extra for silting in the marina.

Best thing to eat in Mobile is oysters.  I have had 3 oyster dinners.  Tonight, we ate at Half Shell Oyster Bar.  I had a very delicious spring salad and dozen oysters.  They were done 4 different ways and all of them were great. 

If everything goes as planned tomorrow we will go across Mobile Bay and join the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway to head east toward the panhandle of FL.  I am looking forward to enjoying the sights and beaches of panhandle.

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