Friday, December 2, 2016

12/2 To the Palm Coast time for Christmas lights

We are heading north and there is an armada of boats heading south.  We have been passing about 100 boats a day heading south.  Today, we passed two that were notable.  The first was Great Escape.  Great Escape is a 40 foot Mainship just like ours.  It has the same blue hull too.  We met them in Solomons, MD this past spring.  Our boats were on the same pier.  They headed to New England for the summer and were heading back to Marathon for the winter.  It was fun to hail them on the radio and hear about their adventures.  Almost all of the sailboats we have seen are using their motors only.  Today, the wind was out of the northeast.  This sailboat had its spinnaker flying.

We left the Indian River at Ponce De Leon inlet and headed on the Halifax Creek.  The lighthouse at the Ponce De Leon inlet looks very similar to the Jupiter Lighthouse.
Once again there were dolphins galore playing in water.  The shore is composed of mangroves and stands of palm trees.

Gulls, cranes, herons, osprey, and pelicans are flying by.  Many are diving in the water for a good meal.  The ocean is just to the east of us.  It was still windy today and started out in the 50's.  It was a good day to wear jeans and a fleece hoodie.  However, the sun was bright and with the eisenglass down, the fly bridge was very comfortable.  I love when we run the boat from the fly bridge.  The views of the water and scenery are fantastic.
We did pass Daytona Beach off to the east with lots of hotels and condos.  The Florida waterways go from very rural to very built up and commercial and back to rural again.  The Ormond Beach Bridge was decorated with manatees and dolphins at the base.  Everyone here is very protective of both mammals. 

We did see quite a few homes with blue tarp roofs.  Presumably, the roof damage was from Hurricane Mathew.

After settling in to the marina, I walked up to the European Village.  I shopped the local stores without buying anything but a cappuccino. 

Christmas is in the air.  I brought 2 small strings of Christmas lights with us when we left Wilmington.  I have a string on the bow in the cabin and one on the stern on our boat hook hanger.  Now, I am in the spirit.

Lat 29 degrees 34.64 North
Long 81 degrees 11.59 West

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