Thursday, December 1, 2016

11/29 Hospitality of Vero 11/30 Cocoa Village 12/1 New Smyrna Beach

11/29 We were treated to the hospitality of Vero Beach.  Andi Backmeyer, my son-in-law Stephen's mom, lives there.  She picked me up at the marina under this beautiful live oak with an iced coffee from Starbucks.  What service! 
Stephen's sister, Kathy, lives in Vero too.  Her eldest boy is away at college but we got to see high school age, Michael before he left for work and Andi picked up 10 year old Ryan from school.   Ryan asked for a tour of the boat.  He had seen it last year when we were bringing it back to NC for the first time.   He had lots of questions and asked about the engine.  He climbed down in the engine room and checked things out.  He was adorable.

Andi was so kind and before we picked up Ryan, she took me on a Publix run.   I bought heavy things.  Andi was so patient to wait for me.

For dinner, we went to one of Andi's favorite restaurants right on the beach with Kathy and Ryan and Kathy's friend, Brad.
The food was wonderful!   I had a rare sushi grade tuna that has a thin crispy crust.  YUM.  The conversation was lively too. Ryan enjoyed his dessert.
Andi's hospitality was greatly appreciated. 

11/30 The Indian River makes up the AICW on the way to Cocoa Village. 
We were excited by all the dolphins we saw.  They played in our wake and swam around the boat.   John got some good pictures but as we all know dolphins do not pose for pictures.  We sent some of these pictures to our granddaughters in Houston.  Both of them wanted to know why the dolphins did not have any heads!!  What a good laugh we had when they called to ask us that.

We pulled into Cocoa Village Marina.  It is very nice and the village is just up the street.  I explored the village and found the S.F. Travis Hardware store that was founded in 1885.  It is a fully functioning hardware store today but it is also a museum of  items that have been associated with the store over the years.  I liked this Texaco pump.
We had dinner at a restaurant called Ryan's where my calzone and John's sandwich were both so large that we took doggie bags.   I had scoped out an ice cream store.  I left just enough room for one scoop of White Wonderland, which is white chocolate ice cream with a cherry swirl and white chocolate and cherry pieces.

12/1  The weather has been in the 80's.  That is warm even by Florida standards.  We are enjoying the weather though.  As we headed north to New Smyrna Beach on the AICW.  The AICW is wide with nature preserves on all side. 

As we passed through Titusville, we could see the Vehicle Assembly Building used by NASA and United Launch Alliance. 
As we came through the Haulover Canal, we saw some huge manatees.  One almost breeched and its tail was huge above the water.  There were lots of attempts at dolphin pictures too. 

About 2 o'clock a front came through.  The wind whipped up.  The AICW got choppy.  The temperature dropped from 84 to 68 in minutes.  I was sure we would get wet.  The rain held off thankfully and we are docked at New Smyrna Beach for the night.

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