Friday, December 16, 2016

12/14-12/16 Now on the hard

We left Palatka early on the  14th so that we would have plenty of time to get settled before dark up the Ortega River in Jacksonville.
The sunrise was spectacular.
There was a rain storm coming from the west.  The sunrise created a rainbow in the storm clouds. 
After about 3 hours, the Hydrophilic developed a shimmy at about 1800 RPMs.  We could run at fewer RPMs and run slower.  John called around and checked on Active Captain and Huckins Marine was highly recommended.  When we arrived a technician came on board and checked the engine while we were running.  Nothing definitive was found and it was getting late.  The Huckins folks let us stay at a slip right by the lift and gave us 50 amp power for the night. 

The next morning, the boat was put on a lift and inspected.
The propeller had some dings in it.  So they will be sending the propeller to be balanced. 

So we had a lot to do.  I took an Uber to the airport and rented a car.   We took a few things with us from the boat.   We got a hotel room until next Tuesday when we leave for Houston and DC.  Before the shimmy, I had made a 2 p.m. appointment to get my hair done.  I couldn't miss that.  So we drove to the hair salon, John dropped me off and went to check in at the hotel.  After my hair was done, John picked me up.  Neither of us had eaten since breakfast.  We had been up early two days in a row and worried about the boat.  We were both starving and went to dinner and hit the hay for an early good night.

Today, we went back to the boat to get it prepped for us to be gone for Christmas.
We had dirty laundry.  So we took that to a laundromat.  It was good to do several loads at once.  So the boat is in good hands.  We will spend the weekend here in Jacksonville.  On Tuesday, we head first to Houston for Christmas until Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Day, we go to DC.  When we get back, the boat will be in the water and ready for us.

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