Tuesday, December 13, 2016

12/12 and 12/13 Back Down the St. John

12/12 We headed back down the St. John to Astor.  The views were just stunning. 
The Spanish moss covers the trees like angel hair.
We continued to see manatees and birds.  There was even a concrete manatee along the river. 
We stopped at the Blackwater Inn again in Astor.  The almost full moon added to the Christmas decorations across the water.

12/13 We awoke to some fog which wasn't very bad until we got to Lake George.  At Lake George the visibility was about 40 feet.  Radar works very well.  We have used Alan Lloyd's Navigation Notes.  He has waypoints across the lake and the waypoints really helped.  Eventually, the sun burned off the fog and it was a beautiful day.  I didn't get a good picture but I saw another bald eagle.

We stopped in Palatka.  We met future 2017 loopers, Jim and Kia Passwater.  They have just moved aboard their boat. They came by to purchase some of our books and charts.  It was so nice to give them our boat card to start their collection.

Tonight, is the last full supermoon of year.  It was spectacular over the Palatka Bridge.

Tomorrow, we will cruise back to the Ortega River.

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  1. Enchanting and where I'd like to be next year. If you get to the Chesapeake..Give me a call!

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    Alan V. Cecil
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