Sunday, October 9, 2016

10/9 Last Day in Chattanooga

We have been having fun in Chattanooga.
On Friday, we went to a glass blowing factory in downtown where they let you blow your own glass ball.  You select the colors and the pattern.
The next step is to turn your glass in the furnace. 
Then, a mouthpiece is attached where you blow into the ball to expand it.
It is lots of fun.  They add a handle to hang it from.  The next step is to cool it in an 800 degree oven overnight.  Saturday, we went back to get the finished product and bought a hanger to keep it stable on the boat.  Here is our new ornament on the boat.

This area of Tennessee was the starting point of the Trail of Tears for many of the Cherokee nation.  The US Government had identified land for the states.  That land included land under the auspices of the Native American tribes.  So who had rights to govern?  Of course, that resulted in a law that the Native American tribes would be moved to Oklahoma and reimbursed a paltry sum of 5 million.  Some moved of their own accord.  Others were forcibly driven to Oklahoma.  They were not allowed to go into towns to get food and diseases prevailed.  This Trail of Tears is commemorated in Chattanooga.  The water flows over the steps to the river with art on the sides. 

We need to learn from this shame.

Saturday, there were rowing races on the waterfront.
 We had prime seating.  It was fun to see all the boats lined up and the teams rooting each other on. 
The rows of oars were so colorful.

Chattanooga, like many other cities, is committed to art.  Throughout the city, there is art everywhere.  I enjoyed these two that were made by the Mason Alliance.

  Dog fans will love this one titled, "High Four".
 This sculpture was a shadow of a family walking the waterfront.
This one was in front of the art museum.

Today, we went to the Farmers' Market at the First Tennessee Pavilion.  It was a lovely day, bright and sunny albeit windy.  Signs of fall are beginning to show.
A fund raiser was going on for the Food Bank.  We bought a ticket that allowed us two chicken wings at each of 6 tents.  After eating them all, we placed are ticket in the box for our favorite.  What a tasty way to do some good.

Tomorrow, we start our trip back down the Tennessee heading to Joe Wheeler State Park for the Rendezvous.

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